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kaiser idell luxus 6631 Christian Dell Desk Lamp
The beautiful Kaiser Idell 6631 Luxus designed by Christian Dell. Black. Rewired.
Quantity: 1
Bauhaus era desk lamp by Kandem, Leipzig, Germany
£ 525
A stunning desk lamp by Kandem, with a pressed glass base. Model 1115
Quantity: 1
Kaiser Idell Luxus Model 6631, Bauhaus Desk Lamp
The beautiful Kaiser Idell 6631 Luxus designed by Christian Dell. Brown. Rewired. Excellent vintage condition.
Quantity: 1
Vintage Italian Desk Lamp 1950 Stilnovo Arteluce Influence
£ 225
Stylish Italian Desk Lamp made of aluminium, brass and steel with a rounded triangular base.
Quantity: 1
Kaiser Idell 6659 designed by Christian Dell 1934, Bauhaus Desk Lamp
A large Bauhaus style desk lamp by Christian Dell designed in the 1930's.
Quantity: 0
Vintage English Industrial / Medical Lamp 1910-1920 Antique
Fabulous medical Lamp by Mottershead of Manchester, England. The shade has a handle and is detachable for closer examination.
Quantity: 0
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