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Kandem Industrial Lamp, model 971 k30, marianne Brandt
Designed in 1934 and manufactured until 1939 by Körting & Mathiesen of Leipzig. Marianne Brandt and Hin Bredendieck.
Quantity: 0
Industrial lamp shades, Kandem, bauhaus - industrial light - for sale UK
Very large, impressive lamp, enamelled shade, made by Körting & Mathiesen of Leipzig between 1919 and 1939.
Quantity: 10 sold
Industrial Lamp - Ceiling Light- 1950's - East German lamp shades - for sale UK
£ 240 ea.
Explosion proof lamp from the Cold War era. Salvaged from the basement of a German health spa.
Quantity: 6 sold / 2 available
siemens vintage industrial lamp shades - for sale UK
Siemens white glass industrial lamp with brass fittings
Quantity: 3 sold
Industrial Lamp, Midgard Curt Fischer - for sale UK
A fantastic adjustable wall lamp manufactured by Industriewerke Auma, Ronneberger & Fischer, Auma in Thüringen, Germany.
Quantity: 0
soviet industrial lamp, industrial desk lamp, vintage factory - for sale UK
An industrial desk lamp from Soviet Russia. Date stamped 1976.
Quantity: 0
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