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Staff retro lamp shade - For Sale UK
Staff 'Tulip' Retro Lamp Shade
A large aluminium pendant lamp by Staff Leuchten from the 1970s.
Quantity: 0
enamel lamp shade 1960s lampshade - For Sale UK
UFO styled enamel lamp shade from the 1960s, with a steel top.
Quantity: 1
Chrome Retro Lamp Shades, 1970s vintage lamps - For Sale UK
£ 75 each
Six chrome lamp shades. 12cm diameter globe.
Quantity: 6
Vintage Danish Lamps, 1960s - For Sale UK
Teak and frosted glass Danish bedside or table lamps, 1960s.
Quantity: 1
Retro lamp shades, industrial lights - For Sale UK
Large polished steel lamp shades from the 1960s. English.
Quantity: 0
Retro Orange Glass Lampshade, 1960s- For Sale UK
A large orange glass globe, Scandanavian or Italian from the 1960s.
Quantity: - 1
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